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bistro & tapas bar

Queenof Tapas

Small portions but big palette of colour, shapes smells and tastes – thats exactly how our tapas are. Try them like the Spanish who can’t do without them. You will love the famous appetisers with a glass of wine the first time you try them.

Tapas is prepared only from selected ingredients from local suppliers.


Lunch Menu

Pondělí 3.8.
Zeleninová polévka/Vegetables cream soup 55,-
Míchaný salát s grilovaným kuřetem a česnekovým dresingem/Mixed salas with grilled chicken breast,garlic dressing 155,-

Úterý 4.8.
Špenátová polévka/Spinach soup 55,-
Smažený vepřový řízek s bramborovým pyré,.okurkový salát/Fried pork schnitzel with potato puré and cucumber salad 145,-

Středa 5.8.
Kuřecí vývar s masem a zeleninou/Chicken consommé 45,- Hovězí Stroganoff,jasmínová rýže/Beef Stroganoff,jasmin rice 145,-

Čtvrtek 6.8.
Čočková polévka/Lentil soup 55,-
Špagety Aglio olio s krevetami/Spaghetti Aglio olio with prawns 175,-

Pátek 7.8.
Květákový krém/Cauliflower cream soup 55,-
Kuřecí Pad-thai/Chicken Pad-thai 145,-




tuňák, losos, rýže, nákladaný zázvor, okurka, fava fazole,
mrkev, avokádo, wakame řasa, sezam, sojová omáčka, sezamový olej
tuna, salmon, rice, pickled ginger, cucamber, fava beans,
carrot, avocado, wakame sea weed, sesame, soy sauce, sesame oil


krevety, rýže, okurka, mrkev, wakame řasa, fava fazole,
sezam, sojová omáčka, sezamový olej
prawns, rice, cucamber, carrot, wakame sea weed, fava beans,
sesame, soy sauce, sesame oil


marinované kuře, avokádo, rýže, fava fazole, ředkvičky, mrkev,
sezam, wakame řasa, sojová omáčka, sezamový olej
marinated chicken, avocado, rice, fava beans, radishes, carrot,
sesame, wakame sea weed, soy sauce, sesame oil


rýže, avokádo, sezam, fava fazole, okurka, ředkvičky, wakame řasa,
mrkev, sojová omáčka, sezamový olej
rice, avocado, sesame, fava beans, cucamber, radishes,
wakame sea weed, carrot, soy sauce, sesame oil



Dear friends and lovers of good wine and food, our Bistro & Tapas is about to provoke you with our varied tastes and smells and we shall also take care of your enjoyable times. We make sure that all Provocateur dishes are of an unique quality. That’s why we  mainly cooperate  with the suppliers who can offer only the best ingredients, so as our magician chef Alfred Hrdy can create the feast only for your eyes. Our manager Martin Kadlec is always at close hand to supervise the quality and service with his trained eye.    

You are looking right now at our winter menu. For every season, our Provocateur cuisine prepares a new menu related to seasonal products.  For fans  of a healthy lifestyle we also have light menus and Tapas to keep them fit. These light meals  are put together in cooperation with a nourishment expert Olga Loucka. Even vegetarians will not be disappointed with our offer, all vegetarian tapas are marked with this symbol. 

If you are about to come  to our Bistro for lunch, please follow our social media.  There you can find all our lunch menus for the whole week in advance. There i is always one especially for  gourmets and one for our healthy eating customers . Via our social media we also inform you not only about  upcoming special events but also  about newly included  delicious meals.